About Mountain West Brass LLC


The Mountain West Brass team.

Mountain West Brass sells only once fired ammunition brass. Located in Pleasant Grove, Utah, we stock and sell the most popular ammunition calibers for rifle, pistol and handgun ammunition reloading. All of the brass we sell is purchased in bulk to offer our customers the best pricing available.


Skyler Gossling

Skyler is co-owner of Mountain West Brass and manages the daily operations. He oversees the sale and shipping of each order.

Jason Skinrood

Jason is co-owner and manages the website at Mountain West Brass. He also oversees product purchasing and financial record-keeping.

Brass Sources

All of our once fired brass is purchased from the United States Military, the Department of Defense or from law enforcement that sells its brass after training exercises. Since these sources rarely, if ever, reload their own ammo, you can be assured the brass casings we sell are once fired.

How We Polish

We utilize a large commercial-grade tumbler with crushed walnut media to polish each brass casing. The media is then separated from the casings and the brass is then packaged in the ordered quantity.


To all of you, from all of us at Mountain West Brass - Thank you!