Lake City 7.62mm NATO Brass - 100 Pieces

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100 Pieces of once fired Lake City 7.62 NATO brass for sale.

Our 100 piece package of once-fired Lake City 7.62 NATO brass is purchased directly from the United States Military or the Department of Defense in bulk. The 100 pieces of Lake City brass can be purchased with a polished finish that removes tarnish(es) or in a condition typical of range brass casings.

All US Military once-fired 7.62mm brass has a crimped primer and an additional step must be taken to process the brass. The primer pocket of each piece of Lake City brass must be swaged or reamed with the correct tools to remove the crimp. Each casing only needs to be swaged or reamed with the initial reloading of the ammunition.

Lake City brass is manufactured at the Lake City Ammunition Army Plant (LCAAP) located near Independence, Missouri, and is the only small arms manufacture operating under the Department of Defense (DoD). The plant is currently run by Northrup Grumman Innovation Systems and produces over 1.4 billion rounds of ammunition each year.

*All of our once fired Lake City 7.62mm brass is inspected to remove severely damaged or defective cases. Buyers can expect to receive cartridges that are dented or have other blemishes that do not affect the overall performance of the brass and are still reloadable.

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