5.56mm NATO Brass - 100 Pieces

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  • Price is per 100 casings
  • Hand sorted to ensure the highest quality brass for reloading
  • Sourced from US military ranges
  • Can be reloaded several times to save you money
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Upgrade your reloading supplies with our once fired 5.56mm NATO brass, collected from US military shooting ranges to provide reloaders with high-quality casings for crafting reliable and accurate 5.56x45mm ammunition. This brass features headstamps predominantly from Taiwan Arsenal (TAA) and Western Cartridge Company (WCC), ensuring you receive casings known for their durability and consistency in performance.

High-Quality Military Brass:
Our 5.56mm NATO brass is sourced directly from US military shooting ranges, offering reloaders the assurance of top-notch quality and reliability. The casings have been subjected to rigorous use and testing, making them an ideal choice for those seeking dependable brass to reload for both training and operational purposes. The history of this brass ensures it meets stringent military standards, providing you with a robust foundation for your reloading projects.

Predominant Headstamps for Consistent Performance:
Featuring headstamps primarily from Taiwan Arsenal (TAA) and Western Cartridge Company (WCC), our once fired 5.56mm brass is recognized for its superior construction and uniformity. These headstamps are synonymous with quality, ensuring that each casing you receive has been crafted to exacting specifications for consistent performance. Reloaders can trust that this brass will deliver reliable results, shot after shot.

Preparation Requirements for Optimal Results:
To ensure optimal performance, buyers should swage the primer pocket to remove the factory crimp, a crucial step in preparing military brass for reloading. Swaging the primer pocket guarantees that new primers seat securely, contributing to consistent ignition and reliable ammunition function. Additionally, we recommend full-length sizing of the cases to ensure proper chambering in new weapons, enhancing the versatility and compatibility of your reloaded ammunition.

Efficiency and Ease of Use:
Reloading with our 5.56mm NATO brass simplifies the process while maintaining high standards of quality and consistency. The brass's compatibility with standard reloading equipment allows for seamless resizing, priming, and powder charging, making the reloading process efficient and straightforward for both seasoned reloaders and newcomers alike.

Customizable Ammunition Creation:
With our 5.56mm NATO brass, you have the flexibility to tailor your ammunition to your specific needs, whether for competitive shooting, tactical training, or recreational use. The robust nature of this military-grade brass ensures it can withstand multiple reload cycles, providing you with long-lasting value and reliable performance across various shooting scenarios.

Trusted by Reloaders Nationwide:
Our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction has made us a trusted source for reloaders nationwide. By offering brass that meets stringent military standards and providing detailed preparation recommendations, we empower reloaders to achieve superior results and enjoy the satisfaction of crafting their own high-performance ammunition.

Elevate Your Reloading Experience:
Enhance your reloading experience with our once fired 5.56mm NATO brass, featuring headstamps from Taiwan Arsenal (TAA) and Western Cartridge Company (WCC). Swage the primer pockets, full-length size the cases, and embark on the journey of creating customized ammunition that meets your exacting standards. Trust in the quality and reliability of our military-sourced brass and achieve unparalleled results in your reloading endeavors.

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