Berry's .224 62 Grain FMJ-BT

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Elevate your shooting experience to new heights with Berry's Manufacturing .224 Cal 62 Grain FMJ-BT bullets, the pinnacle of precision, performance, and reliability in the world of shooting sports. Engineered to perfection and crafted with precision, these bullets embody Berry's Manufacturing's unwavering commitment to excellence and innovation.

Unrivaled Precision and Accuracy:
For shooters who demand nothing but the best, the .224 Cal 62 Grain FMJ-BT bullets from Berry's Manufacturing deliver unrivaled precision and accuracy with every shot. Whether you're aiming for tight groupings at the range or competing in precision shooting competitions, these bullets ensure that your shots hit the mark with unmatched consistency and reliability.

Premium Quality and Superior Design:
Manufactured with premium materials and designed to exacting standards, Berry's Manufacturing .224 Cal 62 Grain FMJ-BT bullets feature a full metal jacket design with a boat tail configuration that enhances aerodynamics and stability in flight. This superior construction not only improves shooting performance but also ensures consistent trajectories and impact points.

Versatile Performance Across Shooting Applications:
From target shooting to competitive matches and varmint hunting, these bullets offer versatile performance across a wide range of shooting applications. The 62 grain weight strikes a perfect balance between velocity, trajectory, and energy transfer, making these bullets ideal for shooters seeking reliable and effective performance in diverse scenarios.

Optimized Ballistics for Enhanced Efficiency:
Berry's Manufacturing .224 Cal 62 Grain FMJ-BT bullets are optimized for efficiency and effectiveness, delivering exceptional ballistics that maximize performance on the target. With a streamlined profile and precise construction, these bullets offer minimal air resistance and superior ballistic coefficients, resulting in enhanced accuracy and consistent shot placement.

Reloading Made Easy for Enthusiasts:
Whether you're a dedicated reloader or a passionate shooting enthusiast, Berry's Manufacturing .224 Cal 62 Grain FMJ-BT bullets are designed to enhance your shooting experience. Their compatibility with a variety of rifles and ease of reloading make them a top choice among those who value precision, consistency, and performance in their ammunition.

Experience Shooting Excellence with Berry's Manufacturing:
Unleash the full potential of your shooting endeavors with Berry's Manufacturing .224 Cal 62 Grain FMJ-BT bullets. Immerse yourself in the world of shooting excellence and redefine your expectations of accuracy, consistency, and performance with bullets that set the standard for quality and precision.

Step up your shooting game with Berry's Manufacturing .224 Cal 62 Grain FMJ-BT bullets and witness the difference that premium craftsmanship and superior design can make in every shot. Choose Berry's Manufacturing for ammunition that exceeds expectations and empowers you to achieve shooting greatness with every trigger pull.

Country of ManufactureUnited States
ManufacturerBerry's Manufacturing
Caliber.223 Remington, 5.56x45mm
Grain Weight62gr
Quantity Selection100
UseMatch, Target, Varmint
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Diameter: .224"
Bullet OAL: .810"
Ballistic Coefficient: .276
Sectional Density: .177